Today's Soul Speak Message 🕊


One from the way back machine, circa 2016… ❤️

Because I know pain 
I can appreciate relief

Because I know loss 
I can appreciate gain 

Because I know sorrow 
I can appreciate joy

Because I know desire 
I can appreciate satisfaction

Because I know fear 
I can appreciate courage 

Because I know restriction
I can appreciate freedom

Because I know loneliness 
I can appreciate company 

Because I know suffering 
I can appreciate contentment

Because I know difficult, tragic, empty, impossible
I can appreciate ease, blessings, fullness, limitlessness

Because I know all of this 
I can appreciate my one, true, precious life

For me, this message resonates as truth on a deep level.

The older I get, and the more challenges I struggle though, the more I have come to appreciate all the beauty and wonder in my life, INCLUDING the struggles themselves.

I used to spend so much time cursing my fate. Wishing things were different. Raging and spinning inside my troubles.

Until one day, something inside shifted and I realized I’d had enough.

Enough complaining and whining and moaning and bargaining with the universe to give me what I wanted.

It was clear it was time to accept and allow the struggles to come (as if I could have stopped them in the first place!) and trust that they wouldn’t last forever.

Almost as soon as I let go of that resistance, something sort of miraculous happened.

No, my issues didn’t just disappear.

Quite the opposite, actually. Challenges started coming in harder and faster.


those struggles were now flooding me with gratitude for the things I WASN’T struggling with. Things I would have normally taken for granted. Seemingly small, insignificant things were now a cause for a moment of gratitude, and sometimes, celebration.

Over time, those small moments of thankfulness grew larger and larger until I started to simply just feel happy to be alive, no matter the form my life was taking at any given moment.

Finally, for the first time, I was experiencing what a gift it was just to be here, breathing. And, to this day, that knowledge makes any struggles that come my way, much more managable.

Life really is beautiful, folks. And our struggles can help us see that.

If you’re stuggling today, please know you’re not alone. And, also know that your struggles and challenges hold a gift to deeper appreciation for the life you’ve been given.

Even if you can’t see it right now.

with love and Reiki,

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